Collaborating for Success

Contracting for outcomes with increasingly advanced value-based care models is critical, but not enough. To help us collectively succeed, we are committed to going beyond the contract to create a real impact on health — together. Doing this means:

  • Being better business partners by improving data connectivity, automating processes, speeding up claims processing, and reducing administrative burdens.
  • Being better clinical partners by building leading digital programs, providing direct clinical support, sharing more actionable data, and improving models of care.

The results of such collaboration are both meaningful and measurable when it comes to improving the care provider experience and in delivering whole health for their patients, our consumers.

Our Efforts by the Numbers

Being Better Business Partners

27.6 million

consumers' health data shared with 10,000 care providers through our Health OS digital platform, improving health outcomes1

81 million

roster transactions processed through the industry's first artificial intelligence-enabled, digitized solution which significantly shortens turnaround times2


national provider identifiers benefiting from reduced administrative burden with our Digital Request for Additional Information process3

Being Better Clinical Partners

67% increase

in postpartum visit adherence for patients' whose doctors participated in both our Obstetrics Practice Consultant program and Obstetric Quality Incentive Program4

60% fewer

chemotherapy side-effect-related admissions for patients who were members of our Care Concierge program5

25% increase

in medication adherence for chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, in consumers whose care providers have access to patient data through our Health OS platform6

Collaborating for Success

Sophie Clarke, MD, Staff Vice President, Clinical and Strategic Partnerships, Elevance Health; and Dan Salinas, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Emory Healthcare, discuss how electronic medical records and data sharing have enabled payers and care providers to better collaborate on care.

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