Forward Together

Hear Bryony Winn, President, Health Solutions, talk about our ongoing commitment to actively partner with care providers to make a real impact on the health of the people we serve.

Going Beyond the Contract

Healthy communities aren't possible without a strong healthcare delivery system, made up of thousands of people who make that system work — from obstetricians, welcoming babies into the world every day; to primary care physicians, acting as the first stop for patients' health concerns; to emergency physicians, helping patients through the worst hours of injury or illness; or substance abuse counselors, helping people chart a path to recovery. Some of the people who keep the delivery system running work outside of a clinical setting, keeping the lights on for patients and clinicians alike.

No matter the role — whether in a large health system, a small rural practice, a lab, a nursing home, a pharmacy, in patients' homes — Elevance Health's commitment is the same: to be an active partner that goes beyond the contract to create a real impact on health, together.

Committing to Whole Health

The health industry has long been hampered by a tendency to work in silos: the prescription to fill, the joint that needs replacing, the X-ray to be read. Too often, we fail to look at the big picture of whole health for our communities or even for each patient. By measuring and promoting whole health, we can see how the many aspects of healthcare add up. The legacy healthcare system has created uneven outcomes and health status in part due to bias, limited access to care, and inequitable practices. That's why we are working to resolve disparities and ensure everyone has a chance to live their healthiest life, facilitated not only by doctors and hospitals but also by nutritious food, stable housing, education, and economic opportunity.

Contracting for Outcomes

Our affiliated health plans are working to structure contracts so that payments incentivize preventive care, coordinate between care providers, and ultimately, deliver better outcomes for patients, while driving equity and affordability. Across Commercial, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid health plans, strategies are tailored to the relevant populations but aligned to move with care providers toward a fully value-based payment system.

Collaborating for Success

A value-based system can't function without the right data, tools, and insights to support decision-making from the exam room to the boardroom. We are working to ensure we share one of our greatest assets — our data — and ease administrative burden to simplify care providers' interactions with us as much as possible. We are collaborating with doctors and hospitals to directly support patients' health in ways that complement and strengthen patients' connections with care providers.

Connecting For Health

Creating whole health can require navigating a fractured system, but we are working to change that. Our aim is to ensure that when a patient needs connections to care outside the care providers' door — whether home-based care, substance abuse treatment, mental health support, palliative care, medication management, or social services, we can offer the right service at the right time in the right place, seamlessly. Across the health delivery system, we know that simpler and more timely data sharing enables better health, and our digital platform is designed to make those data connections work for care providers and their patients.

The results we share in the Advancing Health Together: Progress Report are testament to the power of partnership. This is only the beginning. We look forward to advancing and elevating whole health — together.

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